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Mindfulness training improves quality of life in MS in randomised controlled trial

Swiss researchers show mindfulness meditation has a range of benefits in people with MS in a randomized controlled trial.

Published in the major journal Neurology, Swiss researchers have shown that an eight week course of mindfulness training improved quality of life and reduced depression compared with a control group receiving usual care.

Mindfulness is a form of mental training incorporating non-judgmental awareness of moment-to-moment experience, and often taught as a form of meditation.

The trial clearly showed a benefit for all measures studied, including quality of life, depression, fatigue and anxiety. Mindfulness training was especially helpful for those that had problems with depression, fatigue and anxiety before the trial, suggesting that for those people with MS who are experiencing these problems, this is a very worthwhile treatment to try. It is heartening to see a mainstream article talking about acceptance and courage, as this paper does. 

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