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Moms and dads with MS — where to turn for inspiration and help

Mum and dads with multiple sclerosis could really use some support and help quite often. Fortunately, help is on the way!


 Many mums with MS need help coping with what can feel like an overwhelming burden. They sometimes feel that shouldering responsibility for a career, a family and MS all at the same time is just too much.

Resources and assistance are vital for when the burden becomes just too heavy. A brief review of some of the related research literature shows that MS puts a lot on the plates of families affected by MS: decreased income, more limited employment opportunities, increased rates of alcoholism and changing relationships between parents with children.

No wonder moms and dads with MS could use some support and help. This website includes a topic on parents and children in the forum - here, participants can find answers to questions such as: where can I get a grant if I need some temporary assistance making ends meet?

Other questions might be: how can I get help with my children when I have a relapse or what should I do to keep my family psychologically healthy when coping with MS?

Some of the answers will be different in different places but a central location to search for ideas and answers may be very helpful indeed.

Also, a lot of moms and dads with MS are coping with the same issues and a little support always helps. Here’s a tip for families worried about MS: take the time to play and have fun.

One study, for example, shows that the daughters of mothers with MS welcome much needed play/fun opportunities and these opportunities even help them live successfully in later life (see Daughters of mothers with multiple sclerosis: their experiences of play.)

Likewise, ongoing social support is important so moms and dads need to make an effort to stay involved in the community and to secure ongoing social support–this actually improves the quality of life for those with MS and, of course, this helps everyone in families. (See The effect of social support on the quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis.)

And in the meantime, remember to have fun and take time for social activities and support. Life is too short to waste on misery! Fun! That’s what we need and will even help us be healthy.

Rebecca Hoover  

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