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Monthly Meditation Plan

Daily meditation is highly beneficial for people with MS, as it can positively impact mental health and reduce stress. Our monthly guide gives you 30 guided meditations from the OMS community that can help you get started, and all of them are available for free online. Whatever the time of day, you’ll feel the benefits of taking up to 30 minutes out in order to take care of your wellbeing, so get started today.

Daily meditation can prove tricky to fit in when everyday life gets in the way. We've put together this set of meditations to remove one of the barriers - choosing which guide meditations to use. All these meditations are available online, for free. 

The OMS recovery program recommends 30 minutes of meditation daily, which might feel tough to begin with but many find they really enjoy meditation along with the many benefits. This includes its clinically proven effectiveness of reducing stress. 

To help fit in meditation practice to your daily routine, we have put together a daily guide for you to follow. 

Each day offers you a new guided meditation to listen to. All the guided meditations are from fellow OMSers, but most are provided by Alison who runs Innate Being.

Some are shorter than the recommended daily 30 minutes, so you could consider incorporating some self meditation practice on these days. 

If you feel you need some more advice on how to begin meditation practice, give this blog post a read, which offers some great practical tips.

The guide is available at the bottom of this page as a PDF file which makes it easy for you to print off at home. 

Follow the days on your guide and the clickable list below to access the guided meditations.

Monthly meditation guide


Day 1- Body Scan with Phil Startin 

Day 2- Breath based meditation with George Jelinek 

Day 3- Easy Relax with Alison Potts

Day 4- Seated meditation with Phil Startin

Day 5- Morning meditation with Alison Potts

Day 6- Sweet dreams with Alison Potts

Day 7- Stress reducer with Craig Hassed 

Day 8- Comma meditation  with Craig Hassed

Day 9- Anti-Anxiety practice with Alison Potts

Day 10- Body scan with Craig Hassed

Day 11- Soothe away pain with Alison Potts

Day 12- Affirmation meditation with Alison Potts

Day 13- Me time meditation with Alison Potts

Day 14- Mindful movement with Phil Startin 

Day 15- Time to unwind with Alison Potts

Day 16- A call to rest with Alison Potts

Day 17- Wake up meditation with Alison Potts

Day 18- A few minutes peace with Alison Potts

Day 19- Healing for a racing heart with Alison Potts

Day 20- Open the flow with Alison Potts

Day 21- Reset, refuel, refresh with Alison Potts

Day 22- Total relax with Alison Potts

Day 23- Luxurious breathing with Alison Potts

Day 24- Self soothing with Alison Potts

Day 25- Claim my power with Alison Potts

Day 26- Nurturing beginnings with Alison Potts

Day 27- Gateway to sleep with Alison Potts

Day 28- Back to happy with Alison Potts

Day 29 - pick a favourite to repeat 

Day 30 - pick a favourite to repeat 

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Geoff Allix (not verified)

Do you think that you could leave this page up? It's a great resource.

Sophie OMS

Hi Geoff, glad you found it useful! We will definitely be leaving this blog post up, so anyone can access at any point.


Meditation even improved my tired legs. After having very exhausted legs, I did the 45 Body Scan, while lying down, and came out refreshed and my walking was much better!!

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Margit (not verified)

Thank you so much for this post - I only started meditation this year and find it already a great help!

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