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16 February 2017

More evidence of the importance of omega 3s

This latest research adds weight to the importance of taking regular omega 3 supplements, as advocated by Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr Dean Ornish has long been one of the pioneers of a holistic approach to better health. He has proven the role of a program very similar to the OMS Program in both heart disease and prostate cancer.

In his regular newsletter, Ornish Living, he has published a critique of a recent paper published in Proceedings of the Mayo Clinic journal. The paper summarises controlled clinical trials on omega 3 supplementation and shows a positive benefit in heart disease.

Importantly though, while the critique recommends sourcing a vegan omega 3 supplement in line with the plant-based wholefood diet that Ornish recommends, it does not mention plant-based omega 3 supplements like flaxseed oil. In MS, there is growing evidence that plant-based omega 3s like flaxseed oil are more beneficial than marine omega 3s like fish oil.

Our recent post about the US Nurses Health Study and the ongoing findings of the HOLISM study reinforce the importance of taking flaxseed oil rather than fish oil regularly.

This latest research, despite the known problems of oxidation of fish oil and therefore reduced health benefit, add weight to the importance of taking regular omega 3 supplements. For people with MS, this should be in the form of flaxseed oil.