2022 has been a significant year for the ‘Living Well with MS’ podcast, as we released the 100th episode and reached the milestone of over 300k downloads since the podcast started. Get inspired and listen back to the most popular podcasts this year. 

1. Living Life to the Fullest – A First Person POV of Living with MS | S4E48 

In this episode, we hear from OMSer, Chris. She was diagnosed with MS in 2017, and that's when she decided to live her life how she really wanted to. It drove home – with the spectrum of types and prognoses – that anything can truly happen in life. After this huge upheaval in her life, she re-evaluated her life in every way. 

2. MS Hope – A Conversation with Mathew Embry | S4E51 

Geoff interviewed Matthew Embry, an internationally recognised documentary filmmaker and advocate for people and families dealing with MS. They spoke about Matthew’s diagnosis with MS and the science-based strategies he uses to control his MS. 

3. Hello 2022, Hello Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Handbook | S4E47 

In this episode, Professor George Jelinek and Associate Professor Sandra Neate met with Geoff to talk about the launch of the ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Handbook’. They discussed how the book was created, the difference between the first book and the new book and gave an overview of the chapters.  

4. Introducing Lifestyle Change to Your Healthcare Professional | S4E50 

Geoff interviewed Dr Mitzi Joi Williams, a Board-Certified Neurologist and Fellowship trained Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. They talked about the importance of lifestyle changes and how to speak to your healthcare professional about introducing lifestyle changes.  

5. Coffee Break #28 with Claes Nermark| S4E47 bonus   

Geoff met with OMSer Claes Nermark for this coffee break episode. Claes spoke to Geoff about his MS journey, his experience of an Overcoming MS retreat and how he has now become relapse-free for eight years.  

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