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Most popular podcasts of 2021

Take a listen to the most popular podcasts of 2021. Which was your favorite?

Podcast series 2021

1 - Living Well with MS | Ep 32: 2020 – What Just Happened? And What to Expect in 2021

Dr. Jonathan White helps us understand how COVID-19 has impacted people with MS and the challenges that still remain, vaccine rollout notwithstanding. He’ll also provide us with some useful understanding of the implications of the vaccine for people with MS, and what we can all do to maintain our health and emotional stability until it’s our time in the vaccination queue. 

2 - Coffee Break Ep 17: with Yasmin Neves

Our guest for the Coffee Break, Yasmin, has overcome a number of personal challenges in her life and is currently learning to live well after a diagnosis of MS. She is passionate about wellbeing, mindsets, self-sufficiency and helping others to achieve their goals. Yasmin has transformed every aspect of her life and isn’t afraid of living a slightly unconventional life in the country. 

3 - Coffee Break Ep 13: with Luke Johnson

Luke is an artist and college fitness director based in the United States in Western Massachusetts. Eight years ago, after returning from the West Coast of the US and completing his graduate studies, Luke developed his first signs of MS. Since then, Luke’s life has been a journey in rebuilding his health, discovering the new, and unpacking the old.  

4 - Living Well with MS | Ep 36: NEU - What's on the research horizon

Just in time for World MS Day 2021, we take you to the forefront of research into lifestyle modification and its impact on MS health outcomes by welcoming Dr Sandra Neate, Head of the Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU) within the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Dr Neate and her team are undertaking some of the most forward-facing work in this field of MS research, so unfasten your scientific curiosity and tune into this episode.  

5 - Living Well with MS | Ep 18: Using Exercise to Build Neuroplasticity

Our guest on this episode, Dr Gretchen Hawley, will explain neuroplasticity (for us lay people, that’s the brain’s ability to continually change, a sign of brain health) and how exercise can impact it, as well as share her insights on helping people with MS improve their strength, balance and mobility.

Podcast guests 2021

6 - Living Well with MS | Ep 1: Overcoming MS is Possible!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Living Well with MS podcast. In this podcast, we are going to take a journey together to explore how extensive scientific research is illuminating new ways to help people with MS live better and healthier lives through changes made to their diets and lifestyles. 

In this episode, we speak with Professor George Jelinek, the founder of OMS. 

7 - Ask Jack with Jack McNulty: Ask Jack #1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Ask Jack, featuring the prodigious culinary talents of professional holistic chef Jack McNulty answering food-related questions generated by you, our community.

8 - Living Well with MS | Ep 41: A Window into MS Research at Johns Hopkins with Dr Michael Kornberg

Dive into what’s happening at the forefront of MS research with the guidance of Dr Michael Kornberg, Associate Director of the Neurology Residency Program and Assistant Professor of Neurology at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 

9 - Living Well with MS | Ep 40: Ritu Kaur: A One-Woman MS Awareness Machine

Ritu Kaur is no ordinary woman. She is creative, accomplished, life-loving and, after getting diagnosed with MS, has made it her single-handed mission to educate people about MS to reduce the stigma around it and lessen undiagnosed and misdiagnosed cases. MS is not the same for everyone. Nor does MS define a person; only their courage and strength do. 

10 - Coffee Break Ep 15: with Rebecca Stonor

Rebecca Stonor is a Wellbeing Officer, Plant Scientist and Plant-Based Nutrition Wellness Advocate. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis she has used whole food, plant-based nutrition to reverse all symptoms and halt any further progression of her MS. A passion for helping others has led her to share her inspiring story via workshops, plant-based cooking classes and public speaking engagements. 

Podcast guests 2021
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