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20 July 2022

New branding launch!

See our newly launched branding

We have been extremely fortunate that our rebrand project has been provided for free by Australian agency JMA Creative, who has been part of our journey since we started in 2012. Thank you JMA Creative!

Watch the animation they have created:


Steve at JMA Creative explains more about the rebrand:

  • “We have created a “person” in the centre of the new logo, to represent how Overcoming MS places people with MS at the heart of everything it does. We have shown, through the placement of typography, that we are “overcoming” MS.
  • For continuity, we have kept the teal colour. Teal and navy blue provides a professional, yet warm and inviting feel. Our secondary colour, yellow also provides a vital pop of hope and sense of optimism.
  • We have created various brand elements, such as illustrations, to visually show the diverse community of OMSers leading full and healthy lives around the world.
  • We are very proud to help Overcoming MS evolve and provide a great foundation for its future.”

We hope you agree that it seems fitting to launch now, as Overcoming MS grows up and enters its second decade.

We know that sometimes it can take a while to get used to change, and we hope that you like what the new logo stands for.  The last 10 years have provided a great foundation and we know some people feel attached to our branding due to their positive experiences with Overcoming MS. Please bear with us as we change and settle into our new branding. After all, aren’t we all simply “works in progress”?

We look forward to the next 10 years of Overcoming MS together.