Prawn Cocktail

prawn cocktail








An easy and tasty starter to make for a dinner party. For this recipe you will need to make OMS friendly mayo. Click here to make this classic starter. 

Lentil Pate


lentil pate








This easy red pepper, tomato herb and lentil pate makes a great holiday starter. Eat on a crusty bread or cracker. Click here to get the recipe. 

Whisky-cured Salmon










This salmon can be served up in many different ways, one of our favourites is on bread with some avocado puree and flax seed oil - yum! Find the recipe here.

Main Courses:

Mexican Stuffed Squash

stuffed squash








Filled with veggies, corn, chickpeas and quinoa, these squashes make a great dish for a special occasion. Find the recipe here.

Citrus Roasted Fish

citrus fish








A bright and tasty recipe for turning a simple piece of white fish into a show stopper! Check it out here.




Oil- Free Roast Potatoes


No oil roast potatoes








Lovely, crispy roast potatoes without any oil! Click here for the recipe. 

Mushroom Gravy


mushroom gravy











This rich and flavourful gravy goes perfectly with our lentil loaf roast. Click here to make this tasty creation.

Mandarin Sprout Salad

sprout salad








This vibrant salad is zingy and will make you want to never roast your Brussels sprouts ever again!


OMS-Friendly Christmas Fruit Cake


christmas cake








Celebrate this Christmas in style with a delicious, OMS-friendly fruit cake. Find the recipe here.

Christmas Party Recipes:

Christmas Tree Crudités 


veg tree

















A fun way to display some yummy crudites at any Christmas gathering. Get inspiration here.



Christmas Tree Fruit Platter

fruit tree