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"OMS - hope in a cloudy state of being"

Lily, from New South Wales, Australia, shares her story of how she reacted to receiving a diagnosis of MS and the hope OMS offered.

When I was invited to share my thoughts about my MS experience, I felt grateful mainly because I now had something to focus on besides myself. But you may say ‘you’re writing about yourself’ - yes I am but I am now focused on the process of writing and it feels good to step to the left at the moment.  

You see that is what has happened to me as MS has moved into my life. I have become totally focused on me, something that has been alien to me in the past, I have been so preoccupied with family, friends, work! Perhaps that’s my lesson I am unsure, I just keep moving forward, as you all know sometimes that is not easy. This condition has a way of jumping into your face.  

Who am I you ask? Well, I am 68 years, female, diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2018. I knew nothing about the condition. I had just retired, moved to a new house and was looking forward to not having to get up each day and go to work.  

Receiving a diagnosis

The previous year (2017) it had become increasingly difficult to walk normally, I had been slowly losing power in my left leg. I ignored it at first, but it persisted and finally after moving I decided to have some tests done, thus my diagnosis (spasticity). I had worked in research, so I continued what I knew and found the OMS website. Hope, in a cloudy state of being.  

I joined, received the books and began reading. This was huge for me. I had always used complimentary medicine. In fact, I didn’t see doctors as I felt I didn’t need to. This was quite a blow for me but the OMS program, whilst challenging at first, has kept me stable and well despite my MS symptoms.  

Life with MS

It’s been an interesting experience, disability, at first, I took it onboard and felt sure I would find a way of living normally as I used to. I soon realised however it’s best to accept and not fight so hard. It’s easier to relax and realise there are places for me now at this time of my life that are not for me. Just like growing older, you change and your experience changes.  

Two years in, I still have problems moving about however I am optimistic. I realise I am learning once again, this time to relax and take things slower. I now know a bit more about my condition and I am working with a physio/Pilates instructor, and a homeopath and introducing estim along with the OMS program, I feel hopeful.  

Pilates is keeping me engaged with the world, as well as physically moving my body, homeopathy is enabling me to heal from the inside and reducing my intense symptoms, I now can roll over in bed what a treat! My legs are not as stiff, my banding reduced, I am stronger not having to lie down to rest every few hours and whilst estim is new for me, (I am just introducing it to my program) I have had very good results after my initial session, able to lift my weak leg. The program has become routine now and keeps me stable and well. 

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