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01 November 2018

OMS Thanksgiving Recipes

Check out a collection of our OMS Friendly recipes that are perfect for a Thanksgiving feast! Let us know your favourites in the comments below.


Amanda’s OMG Soup

Filled with pumpkin, carrot and cauliflower. Perfect as a warming starter. Click here to view the recipe.


Baked Salmon in Maple Mustard Sauce

This delicious, easy-to-prepare baked salmon in a maple syrup and mustard sauce comes straight out of the OMS Cookbook – be sure to give it a try! Click here for the recipe. 


Spiced Roasted Cauliflower

Roast cauliflower has a great texture and flavour that is very different to simply boiling this vegetable. Packed with flavour this dish makes a great side dish. You can find the recipe here.

Mexican Corn on the Cob

A really easy, really tasty recipe for a spicy and fresh side dish. Find the recipe here.

No-oil Roasted Vegetables

Combine any of your favourite veggies to make a colourful side to any Thanksgiving meal. Click here to view the recipe.


Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Add a touch of spicy sweetness to your Thanksgiving meal with this delicious, vegan, oil-free, OMS-friendly chocolate pumpkin cake. To make this yummy cake, click here.