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One year on - a first time mum following OMS

Steffi shares how her life has changed in the last year since her previous OMS blog post and how her 1-year-old is already following steps of the OMS program.

So first of all, a kind ‘hello’ to everybody reading my blog about me, my life, thoughts and story as a mum who follow the OMS steps.

My first entry is from more than a year ago, in September 2019 when I was pregnant with my little baby. Please click here to read.

Today I’d like to write about my current life, my feelings and my first year as a mum.

In November last year I gave birth to a healthy little human being without any medicines or painkillers. It was a magical event and I would say it was the most special day in my whole life! (Moms will understand).

Such an experience I'd never had before; I felt so strong, healthy, nearly supernatural.. and not like a ‘chronically ill person’.  Before, when I was at my gynecologist I was a bit afraid, because in my medical records 'multiple sclerosis' was listed. I had to introduce myself in the clinic I´d like to give birth, because they wanted to see if a natural birth is possible or if there is a C-section is necessary. But I got the green light from the doctors, so I was positive for the future.

So, back to my actual life.  My little whirlwind was very calm in the first weeks and I had so much time to find my new role as a mum. I had enough time to relax, cook some healthy dishes and also go for long walks with my baby in the stroller.

Life was never so beautiful and the quickly passed. The older my baby gets, the more time I needed for her. Her favorite hobby was to sleep nearby me, on me or at my breast. Yes, always at my breast, and I´m happy about it!  I don´t judge mums that don’t breastfeed but I’m doing it (still breastfeeding) and for me there is no better thing for babies like their mother’s milk.  There are so many studies and tests that that’s the best for the little ones.. and the moms!  My doctor also recommend me to breastfeed my baby. The only disadvantage is, that I can’t continue my medical therapy because Tecfidera isn’t allowed in pregnancy and lactation.

I know, there are many other therapy methods but at the moment I’m still without medicine and I’m feeling good! I’m used to following the other points of the Overcoming MS program and I think it is good for me!

Ok it’s not only that I think, that is good..  it is a fact! At the moment I don’t have any restrictions. And I hope it stays like this. But I’m optimistic, like always :-)

Following OMS

In the last few years (I have followed the program since September 2018) I internalized the 7 step recovery program so much that it is part of my life and I don’t much think about it because it is now my routine.

Another point, that could be interesting for you is, my daughter also follow the steps of OMS.  Now, she is only 1 year old, but a few steps we've adopted into her life. First thing is diet, I look for organic, fresh and healthy nutrition for her, because I think: what is healthy for adults is also healthy for children.

Even in the first year of a baby’s life you can supplement with vitamin D, that’s what we do, and we won’t stop after the first year.  What we also do, is a kind of music meditation; little one loves to hear music and dance and wiggle her hips, hehe. I think this reduces the stress level, for the child and also for me!

My exercise at the moment is to carry my little one, go for long walks and to run after my crawling (nearly walking) daughter.

Another big benefit in my life is my husband. He supports me in every single moment in my life and always gives me his backing. He also follows the steps of OMS and he feels better than always before.

It is okay to ask family or friends to help, if sometimes everything is too hard and you need a break for yourself. I think that most people are always happy to help look after your child for a few minutes or hours. Especially in motherhood it is important, that you don’t forget yourself and you take your time! You deserve it!

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Pippa Blaikie (not verified)

Thank you for sharing your blog. I am expecting my first child and had to stop Ocrevus infusions. I am currently on Copaxone injections, but feel really good with my pregnancy - I don’t have any MS symptoms. I am a little worried about having a relapse after I have the baby, so it’s great to hear your experience!

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