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Overcoming MS is excited to announce that we are piloting a new Family Support service in partnership with HelloSelf, the UK's largest online psychology service.

Are you a family member, partner or friend supporting somebody living with MS and following the OMS programme? We are working in partnership to trial a new service for 12 partners, friends or family members of people with MS.

Our research with the OMS Community has shown that people living with MS are highly concerned about how MS affects the people closest to them.  Common themes were fears about how MS would change relationships, worries about being a burden and concern about the well-being of loved ones.  

Together, we are working in partnership to offer an online group programme of 4 x 2hr sessions, for 12 people who are in a close, supporting relationship with someone who has MS and is following the OMS Program. 

We are looking for a commitment to all four sessions from one member of the family (over the age of 18) to take part in sessions that will be facilitated online, occurring every fortnight. These sessions will be in a workshop format and are not group psychological therapy. 

The sessions will be facilitated by Dr Charlotte Smith and Dr Carey Viala, who are experts in the field of health psychology and chronic health conditions, along with Dr Nicky Hartigan, who is a clinical psychologist who lives with MS and follows the OMS Program.   

The facilitators will share relevant psychological skills and concepts, and also create space for participants to share their experiences with others. You will not be required to share anything about your experiences in the group that you do not want to. However, Overcoming MS is also funding two 121 sessions (50 minutes each) with HelloSelf for optional follow-up support. 

Dr’s Charlotte and Carey will facilitate a peer-support forum so that attendees can learn from and share with others, whilst also introducing psychological theory and skills to help with: 

  • Adjusting to life changes and losses 

  • Communication in relationships 

  • Caring for yourself whilst caring for another 

  • Supporting someone trying to follow the OMS program 

Group sessions will take place over a safe and secure online platform, and will last for 2 hours, allowing for a break in between, over the following dates: 

  • Intro session on the 7th of September 7-8pm BST. 

  • Week 1 – 7-9pm BST on 15th September 

  • Week 2 – 7-9pm BST on 29th September 

  • Week 3 – 7-9pm on the 13th October 

  • Week 4 - 7-9pm on the 27th October