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05 January 2022

Overcoming MS is on eBay!

Sell or buy on eBay and support OMS

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis is a listed charity on eBay meaning sellers who want to make some extra cash from clearing out unwanted items or who have a business selling bespoke items or collectibles can easily donate a potion of the listed cost.

Purchase items on eBay that benefit Overcoming MS

Did you know that eBay’s community sellers raise over $10 million annually for charity? When shopping on eBay, the blue and yellow charity ribbon next to a listed item’s title means the seller has opted to donate between 10% and 100% of the price to the charity of their choice. 

To see which items benefit OMS, visit the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis eBay for charity page and scroll down to see merchandise that benefits the charity.

It’s also possible to make a donation via Overcoming MS’s PayPal Giving page linked to the OMS eBay for charity page.

Setting up your eBay for Charity account is easy

eBay has a comprehensive guide on how to sell for charity, but here are the basics.

  1. Visit Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis | eBay for Charity
  2. Click the heart to “Add to My favourites”
  3. When listing your item on your eBay seller’s account look for the charity ribbon and select “Donate a portion to charity”
  4. Choose a percentage of the selling price (between 10% and 100%) to donate to Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis before finalizing the listing
  5. Make sure you have a PayPay account associated with your eBay seller account (check the Donation Dashboard in Settings)
  6. Sell and ship as normal, PayPal Giving will automatically send the donation to OMS and a receipt to you

And you’re done! As a thank you, eBay will credit you a percentage of your fees equal to the percentage you donate.


Interested in other ways to support OMS while shopping online?

  • Donate automatically (and with no cost to you) via AmazonSmile
  • Send eCards for any occasion through DontSendMeACard