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Phil King interviewed by the BBC

It’s a wonder that OMSer extraordinaire Phil King could take time out to be interviewed on the BBC’s local Radio Leicester programme last weekend!

It’s a wonder that OMSer-extraordinaire Phil King could take time out to be interviewed on the BBC’s local Radio Leicester program! We’re a good minute in to the show, broadcast in January 2017, before the show’s presenter Monica Winfield has even finished Phil’s introduction.

She tells us about his involvement in the local acting scene, his role as father to the family who have all piled into the studio with him, his commitment to fitness which sees him regularly run the nine mile distance to his (full-time) job, as well as the cycling and weight-training he enjoys.

And then she moves on to the MS. From the first, frequently curious, symptoms of the disease, to the diagnosis which confirmed Phil’s own suspicions, then the personal research which followed, and which ultimately led Phil to OMS, the interview delves into the course of Phil’s MS in great detail.

And of course, being the shining example of an OMS success that he is (give or take the very honest admission that he does sometimes fall asleep during meditation – and actually, who can blame him!).

Phil discusses very clearly how he uses the research done by OMS to maintain his healthy, largely symptom-free lifestyle, explaining the principles of the OMS diet as well as the benefits of supplements, exercise and meditation.

Phil keeps it light and easy-listening, yet delivers important information and the message of hope that someone right there and then might just have needed to hear. Interrupted by a few radio regulars such as a weather report (which highlights the complete absence of vitamin D in January in the UK), a traffic update, and a bit of Michael Bolton, Phil is on the airwaves for a full half hour. Available until 19 February, you can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Fast forward to just before the 2hr12min mark to go straight to Phil’s feature. Congratulations Phil on what sounds like a wonderfully busy life, a dedicated commitment to your health, and thank you for being such an active OMS ambassador.


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