Ingrid Adelsberger

Urban Life Melbourne, an Australian publication, featured a question and answer (Q&A) session with OMS Cookbook editor Ingrid Adelsberger in their March issue of the magazine.

In the feature, Ingrid discusses her diagnosis with MS at the age of 30 and how adopting a plant-based wholefood diet, promoted by the OMS Recovery Program, has halted the progression of the disease.

Ingrid goes on to discuss how the OMS Cookbook was developed and what she found most satisfying in her role as editor:

 "I thoroughly enjoyed communicating with everyone who submitted a recipe. Their enthusiasm and support in the project was infectious. Testing and eating all the dishes was a lot of fun too."

The OMS Cookbook is available for purchase on Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Read the full Urban Life Melbourne interview with Ingrid below. Urban Life Magazine Q and A OMS Cookbook Editor Ingrid Adelsberger