Overcoming MS is pleased to invite you to become part of our big MS conversation - Refresh with OMS - our new five-part webinar series starting 19 May 2020. 

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Refresh with OMS took place on five consecutive Tuesdays (from 19 May) as we presented a quick refresher course on the OMS Recovery Program and how to stay focused and positive during COVID-19.

A range of topics
Topics included resilience, eating well, mindfulness, exercise and hope for the future, with each hosted by one of our expert OMS facilitators who all have a personal connection to MS.

Presentations with ample opportunity for questions
Each live session ran for approximately 60 minutes, consisting of a 20 minute presentation followed by up to 40 minutes of interactive Q&As.

We’ll also shared a ton of useful information related to each week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos and personal stories - so make sure you’re registered for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Watch back here 

Refresh with OMS content recaps

Week 1 - OMS program recap 

Week 2 - Eating well 

Week 3 – Meditation & mindfulness 

Week 4 - Exercise

Week 5 - Hope for the future

Your questions answered

Reading companion

Refresh with OMS
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