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Researchers suggest glandular fever vaccine plus vitamin D supplements to prevent MS

A new population study from England has suggested that researchers target the development of a vaccine for glandular fever that could be used together with vitamin D supplements to prevent MS

Experienced MS researchers from Oxford in the UK, and Pennsylvania in the US, have combined forces to examine data on MS prevalence in England related to ultraviolet light exposure and glandular fever prevalence.

As with previous studies, they confirmed the striking latitude variation of MS, and the likelihood of ultraviolet B light having a protective effect against MS, as well as the likely causative role of glandular fever infection (infection with the Epstein-Barr Virus {EBV} or infectious mononucleosis).

The researchers suggested that attention be paid to the development of a vaccine against EBV that together with vitamin D supplementation could significantly reduce the prevalence of MS worldwide. 

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