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Smoking and Secondary Progressive MS

If you are a smoker with MS, you are fast-tracking yourself to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Read more about it here.

Here’s a fact. If you are a smoker with MS, you are fast-tracking yourself to Secondary Progressive MS. How fast is fast?

The speed of decline

Well, the results of a study published in Jama Neurology at the end of 2015 (reported in this news story) showed that for every year that someone with MS continues smoking after diagnosis, they are accelerating the likelihood of SPMS by 4.7% compared with those who quit on diagnosis.
The Kaplan-Meier (time to event) curve estimated that SPMS would be reached at age 48 by smokers with MS, compared with age 56 by those with MS who stop smoking. That’s a significant difference. Many other important studies have been done

The effect of smoking on children

OMS’ HOLISM study showed that people with MS who smoke not only have a lower quality of life but also a startling 90% increase in the likelihood of major mobility impairments.
And if you are a smoker with MS and children, then you mustn’t ignore a 2007 French study which showed that children were more than twice as likely to get MS if their parents smoked. More than twice as likely.
The longer their exposure, the more likely MS was to develop. Whether you’re a heavy smoker, or even just one of those ‘I only smoke when I drink’ types, we urge all of you who do still smoke to do everything within your power, and to get all the help you need, to stop.

Quitting smoking

Hand in hand with the OMS Recovery Program, not only will it dramatically reduce your chances of progressing to disability as a result of MS, but it goes without saying that you will be more likely to avoid a whole host of other conditions that come with it.
And if you’ve got real grit, set yourself the challenge of getting fully fit by not only quitting smoking but also training for an event to seal your new fitness. If you need inspiration, check out our events calendar and fund raise for OMS at the same time!
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