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Top 10 of 2019

Here's a round up of our top blog posts from 2019. Take a look through to make sure you haven't missed any.

1 - Monthly meditation guide

A months worth of guided meditations, to help fit meditation practice into your daily routine.

2 - Omega-3 and Vitamin D are a winning combination

Dr Jonathan White writes up the findings of a randomised control trial which has evaluated the effects of the combination of omega-3 and vitmain D supplements for pwMS.

3 - Can a cosy cup of cocoa keep fatigue at bay?

A study shows that a cup of cocoa might help reduce fatigue in people with MS.

4 - First drug shown to promote remyelination 

Researchers have found definite evidence of remyelination after taking Clemastine, and the improvement persisted when the drug was stopped. 

5 - Ocrelizumab: study shows it is highly effective but some questions remain

We discuss all things Ocrelizumab.

6 - Disease Modifying Therapies in Over 60s

Dr Jonathan White explains the results of two separate studies which looked at treatment of people over the age of 53.

7 - More evidence that diet and lifestyle play an important role in MS progression 

At OMS we believe that the evidence behind the recommendations of the 7 steps is extremely robust. Here we discuss the results of yet another study which backs this up.

8 - Turmeric and MS - the benefits and impact on your diet

What benefits can turmeric, the bright coloured curry spice have for people with MS?

9 - 4 years on - from diagnosis to disability to healing

"OMS has allowed me to take control of something I initially thought I had no control over." Simonne shares her story after following the OMS program for four years.

10 - Metformin, is it the new MS wonder drug?

Diabetes drug Metformin shows promise for MS treatment in animals, with a human trial planned to start in 2020. Read about how this drug mimics fasting.

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