Are you looking to get a bit more experimental in the kitchen? There are plenty of cuisines that you might not have tried yet, but lend themselves to OMS friendly cooking.

There are cuisines from all corners of the globe that have been plant-based for centuries. The OMS diet does suggest the inclusion of seafood, which some people decide to include in their diet and others do not. Some of the recipes below are completely plant-based, but others do include seafood. 

We have our own recipes for some of the dishes mentioned below, but others are just suggestions for you to find your own recipes. This could mean that you might need to adapt some recipes, such as swapping frying in oil to water or stock. You can read more about cooking techniques here.

Southern Indian 


Hold on the ghee and meat and bring on the rice and dosas! There are hundreds of dishes in which vegetables and legumes are the main ingredients. This is largely down to the fact that around 40% of the population of India are vegetarians. 

When looking for suitable Indian recipes to cook at home, search for vegetarian recipes but stay clear of any coconut milk, ghee, curd or paneer. 

Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Dhal (lentil curry)

  • Sambar (spicy stew)

  • Chana masala (chickpea based curry)

  • Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower in a tomato based sauce)


Ethiopian food is rich, flavorful and relatively healthy. Some meals can be meat heavy but due to a large fasting tradition in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church many people eat plant-based meals every Wednesday and Friday. 

Most Ethiopian meals are piled on top of injera - a fermented sourdough bread. As well as being the physical base, the bread also doubles up as cutlery. Instead of eating with a knife and fork, you simply grab a piece of injera and scoop up some tasty stew.

Here are some traditional Ethiopian dishes you could try: 

  • Ater Kik (yellow split pea stew)

  • Gomen Wot (spinach stew)

  • Misir Wot (spicy lentils)

  • Injera (a flatbread) 

Take a look at some Ethiopian recipe inspiration here.


stuffed tomatoes

The Mediterranean diet is full of plant-based recipes that are packed with flavor. From mezze platters, creamy hummus, salads and fluffy pitta breads, there is something for everyone when cooking Mediterranean dishes. Here are a few to try:



Mexican food is generally a safe bet when looking for a cuisine which can be easily adapted to follow the suggestions of the OMS diet. Beans, veggies, rice, salsa and guacamole are all tasty staples of Mexican dishes. Mexican cuisine is big on flavor, so these dishes are great to try if you enjoy a bit more heat!

Try some of these suggestions: 



Authentic Italian food often isn't always meat and dairy heavy, especially in Southern Italy. Each region of the country has its own specialities, but broadly speaking there are lots of delicious plant-based Italian recipes for you to try. 

There are a few humble classics that are often completely plant-based, such as:

What are your favorite cuisines to cook? Let us know in the comments below. 

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J Patel (not verified)

I really struggle to find tasty tofu recipes but the polpettes in the oms cook book are really tasty! Thank you


We're glad you like it! What is it that you struggle with when finding tofu recipes, flavour or texture?