In a strange turn of events, MS actually led me to my passion and brought me to my current career – food! As a chef, I’m always thinking about how to turn popular recipes into OMS friendly versions!

During episode 12 of the OMS podcast, we talk about following an OMS friendly diet during the busy, often indulgent, holiday season, I mentioned some recipes that I like to make for special dinners and gatherings. Here are those recipes and a few more you might enjoy!

Christmas Spice Cake

This cake is incredibly delicious and moist and full of warm holiday-season spices. The magical ingredient replacing eggs is psyllium husk. You can make this with or without the accompanying frosting. This is a crowd pleaser, no matter the dietary preferences, find the recipe here.

Chocolate and Mango Puddings

These creamy puddings are easy to whip up! Whenever I serve these everyone is shocked that neither has cream! You can make these ahead of time so they’re easy to serve. Find the mango version here and the chocolate pudding recipe here.

Kale Potato Pie

The main course at holiday get togethers is usually a little special – something you don’t make on the regular. This kale potato pie is filling and comforting, topped with gravy it’s just divine. Non-OMS'ers will want what you’re eating! Find the recipe here.

Mezze Platter

Fingers foods, cocktail snacks, and spreads are also needed during this time of year. Click here for a list of some foods I like to serve in a more casual setting.  

Potato Crostini

This potato crostini is topped with sauteed mushrooms and white bean arugula cream. This makes a great appetizer and is pretty simple to make. Find the recipe here. 

You can not only survive the holidays on an OMS diet, you can thrive and use it as an opportunity to help family and friends make healthier choices too! Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate, and happy cooking!

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