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Top Tips for a Perfect OMS Big Picnic

We're inviting OMSers from every corner of the globe to get together with family and friends and hold an OMS Big Picnic To help you host a perfect OMS Big Picnic, we've put together ten top tips. Make sure you sign up for our FREE fundraising pack too, the link is found at the bottom of this page.

1. Location, location, location...

There are so many places you can host a great picnic. Our top picks would be: 

  • In your garden
  • Local park 
  • Beach 
  • A marquee
  • Indoor picnic!

2. Knock up some tasty treatsQuiche

With plenty of tasty OMS friendly dishes to choose from, why not allocate everyone a dish to bring to help save you doing all the preparation. You can make it fun by having a prize for the favourite dish! 

Here's our favourite picnic treats: 

Find some more fun picnic recipe ideas here         

3. Why not have a theme?

Some of our favourite themes are:

  • BBQ
  • Mad Hatter's Tea Party
  • Festival
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Summer
  • Teddy bear's picnic                        

4. Drinks


Keep your guests refreshed by serving up exciting and colourful drinks.

What's better than a cooling homemade lemonade on a hot day?

Head over to our Pinterest board for some inspiration


5. Who's on the guest list? 

Use the invitations and posters from the FREE fundraising pack to tell people about your picnic, such as when and where it is happening and any other details such as whether they should bring a dish.

Don’t forget to let them know how they can donate to OMS, or if there will be any fun activities for them to join in.

6. Let the games begin

Why not include some games or quizzes at your picnic to get people involved? 

Click here to visit our Pinterest board for some inspiration

7. Don't forget...

Here's a list of key things you won't want to forget: 

  • Chairs
  • Picnic rug
  • Cushions
  • Ice box
  • Bin Bags
  • Napkins
  • Tupperwear
  • Paper towels
  • Blankets

8. But what if it rains?

No need to worry if the weather is set to be a bit damp, just have a plan B! 

Maybe have somewhere in mind that is indoors or is covered that can be your new location. 

If you stick to hosting an outdoor picnic than remember to bring umbrellas just in case!

9. Picnic playlist

Here's some great playlists for you to blast at your picnic



Apple Music

10. Sign up here for a free fundraising pack

Most importantly register here for an OMS Free fundraising pack with even more tips and resources.

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We can't wait to see your OMS Big Picnic's, remember to share pictures of your event with #OMSBigPicnic across social media. 

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