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05 March 2024

Discover our community’s favourite recipes

Check out our recipes which have been the most popular with our community. Get ideas for tasty new meals!

You will find many recommended recipes in the pages of the Overcoming MS website. Here we’ve collated some of the most popular to inspire you to discover new ways of eating well to help you live well with MS.

Overcoming MS-friendly breakfasts

Breakfast pancakes

Delicious and simple Overcoming MS-friendly pancakes. Perfect for brunch or breakfast and can be served with lots of different toppings.

Breakfast pancakes

Chia Seed Breakfast Pot

This is a great OMS Friendly breakfast option that you can prepare the night before and then just top with your favorite fruits and nuts in the morning. This recipe was kindly sent in by Karen.

Homemade baked beans

These beans make a great brunch addition. They are packed full of flavor and are a great source of protein too!

Overcoming MS-friendly light meals

Broccoli Velouté

A simple to make vibrant green and tasty soup for those chilly autumn days. Serve with lots of crusty wholemeal bread.

Broccoli veloute

Sicilian Tuna Salad

An easy and substantial summer salad using store cupboard ingredients.

Chickpea burger

These burgers are great to batch cook and then freeze for a quick and easy dinner! Thanks to Ashley for sharing this recipe.

Overcoming MS-friendly dinners

Sweet Potato, Aubergine and Chickpea curry

This delicious curry is top of the list and it’s easy to see why. This comforting and flavourful recipe is simple to make, one pan, and can be made in batches and frozen. Perfect to enjoy with friends and family in the week and at the weekend.

Sweet potato curry

Lemony One-Pot Tuna Pasta

This 5-ingredient recipe ticks all the boxes – simple, quick, cheap, store-cupboard ingredients, cooked on the hob and in one pan to save on the washing up!

Mushroom “Meat”balls in Tomato Sauce and Garlic Mash

Enjoy this delicious and comforting dish! It is perfect for batch-cooking as you can easily double quantities and it is freezable.

Provençal Fish Stew

A flavoursome complete meal made in one pan, which makes an easy midweek family meal, or even a delicious dinner party main course.

Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine

This is a delicious and filling meal, perfect for batch cooking and freezing.

Italian Bean Casserole with Salsa Verde

An easy-to-make and tasty bean casserole.

One pan prawn, cannellini bean and tomato stew

Enjoy this delicious, easy and quick one-pan stew.


Our 2022 favourites:

Roasted tomato risotto

A comforting and delicious main meal full of Mediterranean flavour. 

5-Ingredient Fish Curry

A delicious curry made with only 5 ingredients. Perfect for the whole family or batch cooking.

Pumpkin Mac and (no) Cheese

A tasty alternative to traditional Mac ’n Cheese, this makes a delicious and warming autumnal family meal.

Mushroom Stroganoff

An Overcoming MS-friendly version of the traditional Beef Stroganoff.


An Indian classic without using traditional ingredient eggs, perfect as a breakfast or main meal option.

Zucchini (Courgette) and Tofu Filo Pie

A lovely light but filling crispy pie, which is fun to make and uses the Moroccan spice mix Ras el Hanout for a delicious flavour.

Salmon and Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

A simple and tasty meal that is full of flavour and works as lunch or dinner.

Prawn Pad Thai

This Thai classic serves four people and is guaranteed to wow your guests. 

Easy Salmon Traybake

An easy and flavourful one-dish summer dinner, easy to scale up or down.

Jackfruit fajitas

Jackfruit is a great versatile ingredient which takes on whatever flavor you are cooking it with, so be sure to add enough spices!

Lentil Chili Sin Carne

Our 100% Overcoming MS-friendly, gluten-free Lentil Chilli Sin Carne is a comforting, spicy stew made with lentils, red kidney beans, black beans and plenty of herbs and spices.

Overcoming MS-friendly treats

Chocolate Chia pudding

These chocolate chia puddings were top of the list in 2022 and it’s easy to see why. These simple, no-cook delicious puddings are perfect as a dessert or as a treat!

Chocolate chia pudding

Travel Cookies

Enjoy these oaty cookies, perfect for a snack on the go!

Cinnamon and Nut Flapjacks

These are really easy to make and are great for breakfasts on the go, or just as a snack with a cup of tea! Thanks to Gillian for sharing this recipe.

Banana Polenta Loaf Cake

This is the perfect cake to enjoy with a cuppa! Filled with dried fruit, nuts and banana. Recipe kindly sent in by Sue and adapted from Guardian Recipes.

Chocolate Cookies

Delicious cookie recipe sent in from Debra and one of the OMS Circles. Filled with nuts and dried fruit.

Chocolate Pot

This chocolate pot is ideal as a hassle free dinner party dessert. It’s creamy, rich and super chocolatey! Thanks to Ashley for sharing this recipe.

Overcoming MS Friendly Scones

Great to make a batch to enjoy with jam and a cup of tea! Thanks to Karen for sharing this recipe.

Lemon Cheesecake

A sharp and citrus cheesecake, that’s perfect at the end of a meal. Serve with raspberry sauce or fresh fruit.

Overcoming MS-friendly side dishes and sauces

Flax Seed Oil Vinaigrette

Easy to make vinaigrette for salads and to pour over cooked veg or boiled potatoes and a great way to increase your daily flaxseed oil intake.

Flaxseed oil vinaigrette

No-oil Roasted Vegetables

Use an interesting combination of vegetables of your choice. Look for vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, zucchini, shallots, beetroot and tomatoes that will add contrasts in flavors, sweetness, and colour.
Based on an original recipe kindly sent in by Jack McNulty.

No-oil Roasted Beets

Here’s a great way to slow-roast root vegetables to lock in the flavor and caramelize the natural sweetness. Once cooled and peeled, these beets are great additions to salads or side dishes

Vegan Rocket Pesto

Rocket pesto has a more peppery flavour than the traditional basil and are a great way of using up what’s in your fridge. Recipe by Jack McNulty.

Overcoming MS - other tips

Egg Yolk Replacer

This is an excellent all around replacement for egg yolks in most any recipe.