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Virtual OMS Circles

The Manchester, Connecticut Circle has embraced their new normal and are ensuring that they connect regularly via online video chats.

We are globally living through an extraordinary time. The whole world is affected to some degree by the COVID-19 virus. During the outbreak our circle decided to meet virtually and more frequently! 

As a community it is important that we connect with and support each other; especially during times of stress.

Our first meeting was held in Webex and was quite successful but we decided to move to Zoom as it was easier to join on mobile devices, was easier to navigate and had more robust video. 

The first time joiners have a bit of apprehension, a bit of awkwardness with the technology, and a few glitches to overcome but overall everyone did fantastic!

It was so good to connect, talk with each other, see each other and share our experiences. We meditated, exercised, shared stories and cocktails!

We also shared news from the MS world on how patients were coping with the COVID outbreak and hopeful stories we had heard and seen.

Some of the feedback from the meetings was:

“It was motivating! I got back to my yoga practice and feel so much better this week.”

“It was a real pick me up! I didn’t realize how much I needed this.”

“It was up lifting. I was so happy after seeing you all.”

“So grateful for this group and for technology that allows us to stay connected.”

In a time where there is much uncertainty and much beyond our control it is easy to feel isolated and alone. We are thankful for our connections to each other within our OMS circle. It is a relief to be with one another virtually and take a break from the stress of the day. It is wonderful to see each other, hang out, relax and share time together.

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