Volunteers are an integral part of Overcoming MS. As a charity, we rely on volunteers to raise awareness about the work we do, provide guidance to others following the Overcoming MS Program and feedback on how we can provide the most important information and content for the MS community.

Volunteering can be a rewarding experience as you have the opportunity to really make a difference. It will give you the chance to meet a range of people and learn different skills. At Overcoming MS, we provide self-development sessions and opportunities to upskill for all our Volunteers. 


Current Opportunities: 


Community Advisory Group (CAG) Volunteer

We are looking for candidates to volunteer their time as members of our “CAG” team. We help support the Overcoming MS Communications Team by providing recommendations and suggestions for their initiatives and programs for the Overcoming MS and MS community. 

Ideal candidates will have professional or personal interests and skills in communications, marketing, public relations, social media, digital media, advertising, or public service.  We encourage and support diversity and would welcome group members from across our global Overcoming MS community to join us to further ensure our programs meet the needs of everyone touched by multiple sclerosis.  We meet virtually via Zoom once a month for about 1 hour with additional communication via email to exchange notes and related information. 

We look forward to meeting you! If you are interested, please get in touch at volunteer@overcomingms.org