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Week 1: Refresh with OMS - OMS program recap

Each week we host an hour-long live webinar which you can watch on this page. We’ll also share useful information related to each week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos and personal stories - which are summarised in this post in case you missed it. Make sure you’re registered for our newsletter, or follow us on social media to see next week's content.

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Refresh with OMS #1 webinar

Resilience: following OMS during COVID-19 with Dr. Rachael Hunter, May 19

If you were unable to attend the Resilience webinar, or would like to watch it again or share with a friend, use the link below to watch it at any time

OMS program recap - content 

We started the five-weeks with a look at the background and history of MS and the OMS program. We looked at the science behind the OMS program and provided a brief overview (steps like exercise, vitamin D, diet and meditation will be covered in detail during the next four weeks). This email includes useful information related to the week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos and personal stories. To catch next week's Diet content, make sure you’re registered for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube

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Beginner's guide video 

This video is from our 2019 Edinburgh conference - and takes you through a 30 minute introduction to MS and OMS with Dr Arie Gafson. Arie is a trainee academic neurologist based at Imperial College London and an OMS event facilitator.

What is MS? 

An important start to Refresh with OMS is a recap on what MS is - refresh your knowledge or share with others to help their understanding.

The science behind OMS - podcast episode 

Episode 2 with Dr Jonathan White a practicing medical doctor in Coleraine, on the North Coast of Northern Ireland, who also works with Overcoming MS (OMS) as a medical consultant and event facilitator. You can learn more about Dr. White’s professional background here. In speaking with Dr. White, we dig into some of the research that supports and helps advance the Overcoming MS (OMS) 7-Step Recovery Program.

Recovery program FAQs

Browse some common existing questions asked about the OMS program.

Have you ever wondered about OMS's history? 

The charity OMS is seven years old, but the program was created in 1999. Find out more about our history here with a handy new infographic.

Meet the OMS Team

We've put together a short video of the OMS staff, working to keep OMS on the road during the COVID pandemic

NEU teamWhat is the NEU?

The Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU) of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne was formed in 2015, building on the international profile in MS prevention of its founder Professor George Jelinek.







omsers of the week 1

















This week's seven OMSer stories

  1. George Jelinek
  2. Linda Bloom
  3. Rachael Hunter
  4. Andrew
  5. Chris
  6. Katy Deacon
  7. Sue Collis

OMS book reading companion

Week 1, OMS Program Recap, pages 43 - 68 

You will read about the background of preventitive medicine and chronic western disease and some of the studies validating the OMS program including STOP MS and HOLISM from the NEU. 

If you wish to read more about MS information can be found on pages 1 - 42. 

  • About MS pages 1 - 42
  • Preventive Medicine pages 43 - 58
  • STOP MS & Holism pages 59 - 68

Week 2 - Eating well

Week 3 - Meditation & mindfulness

Week 4 - Exercising at (or close to) home

Week 5 - All things OMS Q&A

Refresh with OMS
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