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Week 2: Refresh with OMS - Eating well

This was the second of five weeks, of Refresh with OMS and we covered dietary lifestyle changes.


Refresh with OMS #2 webinar

The OMS diet: healthy eating at home with Sam Josephs, May 26

If you were unable to attend the Refresh with OMS #2: Diet webinar, would like to watch it again or share with a friend, use the link below to watch it at any time

Diet - Content 

The second week of Refresh with OMS covers dietary lifestyle changes. This page includes useful information related to the week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos and personal stories. To catch next week's meditation & mindfulness content, make sure you’re registered for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube

Overcoming MS diet video

Why is reducing intake of saturated fat such an important part of the Swank Diet and the OMS Recovery Program?

Meal planner

Planning your meals for the week can help you shop smarter, get organised and get inspired to try some new recipes.

Guide to the OMS diet 

We have created a new page which will help you navigate all our useful web pages, related to diet, covering topics such as cooking techniques.

The OMS diet in a nutshell - podcast episodes 

A two-part delicious discussion with Sam Josephs, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, who demystifies the OMS diet and provides loads of helpful tips and tricks on how to tackle the diet part of the OMS program,  and makes it as scrumptious as possible!

Diet FAQs

Browse some common existing questions asked about the OMS program.

Going out to eat 

You may not be able to go out to eat at the moment but we have plenty of resources that can help you next time you do go to a restaurant or order a takeaway

Foods to eat in moderation

Foods containing monounsaturated (neutral) and polyunsaturated (good) fats such as avocados, seeds, nuts and oily fish should be consumed in a balanced way.

Cooking at home 

We've put together some helpful resources which will hopefully make cooking at home, while following OMS recommendations, a little bit easier and enjoyable! ⁠

Cooking demo from Karen

Watch back Karen Lee’s amazing cooking demonstration where she shows us how to make a sweet potato and chickpea tagine. 

MS and weight loss

Losing weight without trying can be very unnerving, especially if you have MS. We explain how you can get back to a healthy weight through some lifestyle changes.

New MS and the gut study

A new study has been published looking into MS and the propionic acid with some interesting results.

This week’s recipes

  1. Fresh noodle salad

  2. Bahn mi sandwich

  3. Best ever bean burger from Sam Josephs

  4. Salmon & bean dip from Sam Josephs

  5. Chocolate pot

  6. Mushroom & green veg risotto

  7. Steamed trout with pak choi

This week's seven OMSer stories

  1. Vickie Hadge

  2. Ashley Madden

  3. Fran Benison

  4. Tim Cobb

  5. Yulia

  6. Hayley Rogers

  7. Andy McKenna

Next week's theme is mindfulness and meditation. 

OMS book reading companion

Week 2, Eat well, pages 69-147

This week's chapter is a long one, check out our blog for a breakdown of topics.

The scientific evidence and studies summary is towards the start of the chapter, followed by specific elements and then ending wiht more practical advice, which is what we have suggested reading.

Future webinar dates for the diary: 

Week 1 - OMS Program recap

Week 3 - Meditation & mindfulness

Week 4 - Exercising at (or close to) home

Week 5 - All things OMS Q&A

Refresh with OMS
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