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Week 3: Refresh with OMS - Mindfulness and meditation

This was the third of five weeks, of Refresh with OMS and we covered the importance of mindfulness and meditation.

Refresh with OMS #3 webinar

Reducing stress through meditation and mindfulness with Phil Startin, June 2

If you were unable to attend the Refresh with OMS #3: Mindfulness webinar, or would like to watch it again or share with a friend, use the link below to watch it at any time

Mindfulness & meditation - Content 

The third week of Refresh with OMS covers mindfulness and meditation. This page includes useful information related to the week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos and personal stories. To catch next week's meditation & mindfulness content, make sure you’re registered for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube
Stress video

Stress has been shown to have a negative impact on multiple sclerosis, but there are effective ways of managing it.

Monthly meditation planner

We've put together links to some fantastic guided meditations for one month, to help fit meditation practice into your daily routine. A PDF version is available at the bottom of this page for you to print off at home.

Building a Daily Meditation Practice - podcast episode 

Dr. Hassed works at the Department of General Practice and is coordinator of mindfulness programs at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. 

6 tips for beginning meditation 

Meditation has the power to reduce stress, pain and low mood while increasing compassion and happiness. Here are six tips for getting started. 

Meditation FAQs

Browse some common existing questions asked about the OMS program.

Making meditation delicious

OMSer and meditation coach, Alison, shares some tips for helping to make meditation delicious. 

This week's seven OMSer stories

  1. Ian Black

  2. Vicky Argyle

  3. Linda Boueke

  4. Kellie Baron

  5. Roy Bartlett

  6. Joanne Chapman

  7. Alison Potts

Next week's theme for Refresh with OMS is exercise and vitamin D.

OMS book reading companion

Week 3, mindfulness and meditation, pages 216-259

This chapter covers an introduction to meditation, why it is so important for pwMS and how to best practice.

  • 216 - Introduction 
  • 217 - 249 - why meditation is important
  • 249 - 259 - how to best practice 

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Week 3 - Mindfulness and meditation

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Refresh with OMS
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