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Week 4: Refresh with OMS - Exercise and vitamin D

This week we looked at two more important steps of the OMS Program - exercise and sun/vitamin D. If you can exercise outside, you could even get your daily vitamin D at the same time (provided the UV index and cloud cover allow it).


This week we looked at two more important steps of the OMS Program - exercise and sun/vitamin D. If you can exercise outside, you could even get your daily vitamin D at the same time (provided the UV index and cloud cover allow it). 

Refresh with OMS #4 webinarExercising at (or close to) home with Veronique Gauthier-Simmons, June 9 

If you were unable to attend the Refresh with OMS #4: exercise webinar, or would like to watch it again or share with a friend, use the link below to watch it at any time 

Exercise and vitamin D – content 

The fourth week of Refresh with OMS featured exercise and vitamin D. This page includes useful information related to the week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, infographics, videos and personal stories.  


Why is exercise important?  
Exercise can be a powerful way of improving the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. ⁠Studies show that exercise improves mood and general well-being in people with MS, and that walkable distance increases with regular treadmill training. Here is a quick explainer video.  

Exercise planner 

Building an exercise plan not only helps with motivation, but also ensures that your exercise becomes a habit that you enjoy. ⁠ 

MS and running: everything you need to know 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, here is a handy guide to get you started, if that's your chosen form of exercise. 

Exercising at home or in the garden  

In many countries around the world, where we can exercise is currently restricted, for example with gyms and leisure centres closed.. In this blog we have put together some tips and suggestions of how to continue to exercise at home. 

Exercises for people with MS who are wheelchair users 
Exercises that you can do at home with resistance bands.  

Yoga with Veronique  

A 25 min mat-based relaxation sequence with Véronique. You will need a yoga belt and a bolster (alternatively you can use pillows/folded blankets). 

Sunlight and Vitamin D 

Vitamin D and sunlight video  

In the second video of this week, you can hear about the link between vitamin D and MS and what ⁠you need to keep in mind when getting vitamin D from the sun. Research has shown that people with MS have lower levels of vitamin D, and also that vitamin D levels are lower during MS relapses. ⁠ 

The world of vitamin D and other supplements – podcast episode  

Dr Conor Kerley explains the importance of vitamin D, especially if you have MS, as well as other key vitamin D questions. 

How do I calculate how much vitamin D I get from the sun?  

Find out more about how UV index, time of day, skin exposure and time in the sun contribute to achieving adequate vitamin D levels 

Vitamin D & sun FAQs

Browse some common existing questions asked about vitamin D supplements and getting your vitamin D from the sun.

Read the vitamin D FAQS

This week's seven OMSer stories 

  1. Alex Tsirigotis 

  1. Claudia Selina 

  1. Veronique 

  1. Rowan Baker-Smith 

  1. Maisie Markham 

  2. Nicole Tumilty 

Reading companion  

Week 4, Exercise and vitamin D, pages 148 - 215 

Two chapters, and two steps of the recovery program are covered in the reading this week. Read about how exercise may be able to improve your quality of life wtih MS. You can als oread about the link between vitamin D and developing MS in the general population and its importance in prevention in family members. Benefits to people with MS include boosting the immune system, lessening the severity and frequency of MS symptoms, reducing relapse rates and lengthening the time it takes to progress from relapsing-remitting MS to secondary-progressive MS. 

Key pages to cover:  

  • Vitamin D - 148 - 158, 175 - 191 

  • Exercise  -192 - 215  

Pages by topic 

  • 131 - how much is made from sun exposure 

  • 158 - 172 - research on vitamin D  

  • 172 - 174 - HOLISM research on vitamin D 

  • 175 - sun exposure  

  • 179 - levels & dosage  

  • 180 - toxicity  

  • 188 - dosages for children 

  • 203 - 206 HOLISM research on exercise 

  • 207 - getting started 

  • 213 - what type of exercise 

Don't miss the final webinar takes which place next week  

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