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Week 5: Refresh with OMS - Hope for the future

For the final week of Refresh with OMS, we focused on having a hopeful outlook on the future. We shared content which we hope will help you have a positive view for your future, thanks to following OMS lifestyle recommendations.


Refresh with OMS #5 webinar: All things (O)MS Q&A with Dr Jonathan White, June 16 

If you were unable to attend the Refresh with OMS #5 webinar, or would like to watch it again or share with a friend, use the link below to watch it at any time 

Hope for the future - content

This page includes useful information related to the week’s topic - including podcasts, articles, videos and personal stories. 

Imagine overcoming multiple sclerosis video 

This short film features the personal stories of seven people, from their diagnosis of MS to their recovery through following the OMS Recovery Program. Please share and spread hope to anyone living with MS today. 

Steps to prevent MS in family members (and other loved ones) 

If you have MS, any close biological relatives such as parent, sibling or child has an elevated risk of developing MS, however making simple lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce their overall risk, which is thought of as only 25% due to genetics. 

Bringing others along on your OMS journey

How do you encourage your friends and family to support your healthy lifestyle choices and even join you on your OMS journey? 

Family prevention FAQs 

Browse some common existing questions asked about prevention of MS in family members. 

Newest NEU paper: The OMS Forum provides essential peer-to-peer support 

The Neuroepidemiology Unit (NEU) at the University of Melbourne continues to publish important research into the various aspects of the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program. The latest offering, published in the journal Informatics for Health and Social Care, describes the benefits of the support the OMS forum provides to the OMS community. 

strength in communityWhat is an OMS Circle? 

If you’ve enjoyed talking to other OMSers during the webinars, an OMS Circle might be a good fit for you. They provide a hub for support, guidance and encouragement. MS can be an incredibly isolating experience but with a local Ambassador coordinating each Circle, you are empowered to connect with others. 

Building community: OMS Circles – podcast episode 

OMS Ambassador Vickie discuss the importance of community and how her OMS Circle has supported her through her journey. 

OMSers of the week

This week's OMSer stories: 

  1. Steffi 

  1. Smita Das 

  1. Jonathan White 

  1. Rachel 

  1. Karen Law 

  1. Simonne Simpson  

  2. Luke Johnson

Reading companion   

Week 5, Prevent family members from getting MS and change your life for life, 342- 394 

Key pages to cover  

  • Prevention in family members, 352-355 

  • Change your life for life, 371 - 393 

The final week of refresh is about realistic hope for the future. There are two parts of this - encouraging lifestyle changes in family members to reduce their risk, and incorporating the elements of the OMS into your day to day life. The final chapter is a must-read, worth reading the whole chapter, and a great end to Refresh with OMS.  

Pages by topic:  

  • Risk in relatives 343 

  • Smoking 344 - 349 

  • Vitamin D 349-352 

  • Is it too late to start? - 359  

  • Will it work? - 360 

  • STOP MS study - 362-365 

  • HOLISM study - 365 

  • Is OMS proven? - 368 

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Refresh with OMS hope
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