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What would you want people without MS to know about you?

We asked some of our US Ambassadors the question.

"I would like people to know that some of the worst symptoms of MS are not visually apparent. Also, I’m not just a picky eater but, by rigidly following a whole food pescetarian (plant-based + ><>) diet, I’m not only protecting myself from the ravages of MS but improving my lot. And I’m not miserable in the process but thoroughly enjoying the discovery of new ways of eating.”

Tom Jones - OMS Ambassador for Tampa Bay, Florida

"I would like people to know that MS does not define me, my body may fail me, but my spirit and soul are unchanged."

Mike- OMS Ambassador for Louisville KY

"I would like people to know that I am managing my dis-ease with diet, lifestyle and medication and living well with MS!"

Vickie - OMS Ambassador for Manchester, CT

"I would like people to know that I'm the same person with or without MS."

Michelle - OMS Ambassador for Michigan

"MS is this invisible monster that lives within. My superhero-self has to battle it to have continue having epic adventures. It has a multitude of different weapons and styles of attack. I have to adapt and do what I can to gain health & mana to fight the beast.”

Chandra - OMS Ambassador for New York.

"What I’d like people to know, especially those who don’t have MS, is, please be patient, please be accepting. I do not look sick. And most of the time I’m not really, but I’m careful with myself. Do not be offended if I cancel plans, if I get confused, if I forget things. I am sorry. The best thing to do is chuckle. I laugh a lot. Because honestly, it is funny. And if I didn’t laugh, I’d probably cry. 

I can’t remember a life without MS. I was 21 when I first experienced the feeling that my body had its own plan that did not include me. When I finally got my diagnosis, it was a huge relief. And so I’ve lived my life MY way. Please know, I’m ok. I will fight on."

Kristen - OMS Ambassador in Wyoming.

"I would like people to know that your choices matter in your MS wellness."

- Sarah - OMS Ambassador for Washington, DC.

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