You may need to learn to embrace yourself for what is imperfect as much as you do for what is perfect. You may have to release that being hung up on completion and accept the unfinished. While we are alive, there is always something unfinished.

You may need to let yourself off some hooks and love yourself a little better. You may need to savor what you love about the times of action and energy and with the same gusto, savor what you cherish about rest and repair.

The you that you are is amazing. I know that without even meeting you. It is amazing because it can celebrate itself and life without wrapping certain conditions on top. What makes you, you? What is in your heart? How capable are you of love, of kindness, of compassion?

What do you know, deep down, beyond any Insta-quote or self-help book. What makes you smile? What is your guilty pleasure? If this is a journey for you as it was for me – I promise it won’t fail you.

I dare bet it will bring you healing and vitality and enrichment that may well make you feel less tired than you have been feeling. That has been my experience. We thrive when we let ourselves be ourselves, no conditions apply. We discover something new but also familiar. After all, this is a journey that takes you home. And that is more healing than any medicine.

Alison Potts

Alison Potts has had MS all her adult life and was diagnosed at a time when there were no medical treatments. The journey to discovering optimum self care and thriving has been the best she could have taken. Born in England, she followed the sun for the power of vitamin D and moved to Australia where she is now a Meditation and Vitality Coach. Like her page on Facebook for more info.