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15 December 2020

Your favorite recipes of 2020

Take a look through the most popular recipes of 2020. Let us know in the comments below if your favorite made the top 10!

1 – Lentil Chili Sin Carne

Our 100% OMS-friendly, gluten-free Lentil Chilli Sin Carne is a comforting, spicy stew made with lentils, red kidney beans, black beans and plenty of herbs and spices.

2 – Flax seed oil vinaigrette

Easy to make vinaigrette for salads and to pour over cooked veg or boiled potatoes and a great way to increase your daily flaxseed oil intake.


3 – Chocolate Cookies

Delicious cookie recipe sent in from Debra and one of the OMS Circles. Filled with nuts and dried fruit.




4 – Chocolate Pot

This chocolate pot is ideal as a hassle free dinner party dessert. It’s creamy, rich and super chocolatey! Thanks to Ashley for sharing this recipe.



5 – OMS Friendly Scones

Great to make a batch to enjoy with jam and a cup of tea! Thanks to Karen for sharing this recipe.



6 – Jackfruit fajitas

Jackfruit is a great versatile ingredient which takes on whatever flavor you are cooking it with, so be sure to add enough spices!



7 – Easy salmon traybake

An easy and flavourful one-dish summer dinner, easy to scale up or down.




8 – Chickpea burger

These burgers are great to batch cook and then freeze for a quick and easy dinner! Thanks to Ashley for sharing this recipe.



9 – Lemon Cheesecake

A sharp and citrus cheesecake, that’s perfect at the end of a meal. Serve with raspberry sauce or fresh fruit.



10 – Homemade baked beans

These beans make a great brunch addition. They are packed full of flavor and are a great source of protein too!