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25 November 2021

Your favorite recipes of 2021

Take a look through the most popular recipes of 2021. What was you're favorite?

1 – Flax Seed Oil Vinaigrette

Easy to make vinaigrette for salads and to pour over cooked veg or boiled potatoes and a great way to increase your daily flaxseed oil intake.


2 – No-oil Roasted Vegetables

Use an interesting combination of vegetables of your choice. Look for vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, zucchini, shallots, beetroot and tomatoes that will add contrasts in flavors, sweetness, and colour.
Based on an original recipe kindly sent in by Jack McNulty.


3 – Miso Glazed White Fish

This fishy favorite was shared by Sam Josephs (Nutritionista).


4 – Egg Yolk Replacer

This is an excellent all around replacement for egg yolks in most any recipe.


5 – Cinnamon and Nut Flapjacks

These are really easy to make and are great for breakfasts on the go, or just as a snack with a cup of tea! Thanks to Gillian for sharing this recipe.


6 – No-oil Roasted Beets

Here’s a great way to slow-roast root vegetables to lock in the flavor and caramelize the natural sweetness. Once cooled and peeled, these beets are great additions to salads or side dishes

7 – Chia Seed Breakfast Pot

This is a great OMS Friendly breakfast option that you can prepare the night before and then just top with your favorite fruits and nuts in the morning. This recipe was kindly sent in by Karen.


8 – Banana Polenta Loaf Cake

This is the perfect cake to enjoy with a cuppa! Filled with dried fruit, nuts and banana. Recipe kindly sent in by Sue and adapted from Guardian Recipes.


9 – Easy Salmon Traybake

An easy and flavourful one-dish summer dinner, easy to scale up or down.


10 – Vegan Rocket Pesto

Rocket pesto has a more peppery flavour than the traditional basil and are a great way of using up what’s in your fridge. Recipe by Jack McNulty.

9 - Easy Salmon Traybake

An easy and flavourful one-dish summer dinner, easy to scale up or down.