7 Great Reads and Resources to Power Your OMS Journey


We are all going a bit stir crazy working from home while still juggling the mundane tasks that daily life demands: cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids, all while trying to gauge how much COVID-19 news we consume to find the right balance between staying informed and not falling off the deep end. This balancing act can be even harder when you have MS and you’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle like the OMS 7 Step Program.

Since you’re probably being barraged with all sorts of lists during this manic time, from Netflix series to binge watch to the best Russian literature classics to read, we thought we’d share something a little closer to home. Here are 7 great (and quick) reads and resources to make you feel informed and inspired to continue with the good habits that help keep you healthy both physically and mentally:

  1. Plan a delicious meal! We have a trove of delicious, OMS-friendly recipes that you can tap into for your next family meal. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a delicious veggie pasta dish? Try this mushroom and lentil Bolognese! Hankering for Mexican food? Try these delicious soft shellfish tacos! Need a little sweet tooth satisfaction? Desserts like these avocado truffles or this apple and blackberry crumble are both delicious and easy to make!
  2. Get inspired! Read George Jelinek’s message of hope in his latest blog; check out our Stories of Hope, such as Andrew’s from Scotland or Claes’s from Sweden or Donna’s from the USA. Luke Johnson’s blog makes on authenticity an inspiring read as well!
  3. Start listening! Have you checked out Living Well with MS, the OMS podcast now in its second season? You can check out Veronique discussing how to get fit, listen to Professor Gavin Giovannoni talk about research priorities in MS, or listen to the View form shift.ms with Mark Webb. You can binge-listen to all current and past episodes here.
  4. Connect with others! If you haven’t already, consider joining an OMS Circle or becoming an Ambassador. Circles are a great way to connect with others in the same boat, share experiences and offer/receive support. In these days of self-isolation, many Circles are still meeting up (albeit virtually) and very soon, we will launch new features on our website that make connecting and communicating with your Circle even easier.
  5. Get your heart pumping! Even though some of our favorite types of exercise (like team sports) are not advisable right now, you can still experience a vigorous workout for all levels with the range of exercise videos we have right on our website. Just starting your workout practice? Try this Cardio Yoga Warm Up or these neck stretches. If you’re feeling a little more fit and daring, go for this side body stretch or chest opener. If you’re a workout pro, you might challenge yourself with this plank or cobra exercise.
  6. Sharing is caring! Did you know that we have various digital brochures and one-sheets available for download right on our website? You can read some of these as a quick refresher on the OMS program or the science behind it or go one step further and share them with other people with MS you may know who may benefit.

  7. Finally, just chill… We are all living through a rough patch in history, and we will get through it, perhaps a bit shaken but wiser for the experience. Till that time comes when we can look back on this period of time with relief that it’s over (hopefully soon!), it’s not a bad idea to take stock of what’s good in our lives and focus on inner peace, and we have a whole suite of guided meditations to help you get into that headspace, from morning meditations to affirmation practices to a soothing way to guide yourself to sleep.

We hope this little primer comes in handy, especially on the more stressful days. Please make sure wherever you are that you’re staying healthy, safe and sane, and remember, OMS and our community is here for you no matter how bumpy the road gets.

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