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We are always looking for members to join the Overcoming MS community to get more involved in what we do here at OMS HQ.

An interview with George Jelinek: The OMS Program and the po...

We had a fantastic conversation with Professor George Jelinek – founder of the Overcoming MS Program – about the power of choice for people who commit to the Overcoming MS Program. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you, read the full interview here.
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10 minutes with George

To mark Overcoming MS' 10th Anniversary, we are delighted to bring you a short series, '10 minutes with George’, with Professor George Jelinek. Each episode, with the creator of the Overcoming MS Program, is available to listen to as part of the 'Living Well with MS' podcast, and you can watch them on video here, too.

MS and the Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual periods can be a notoriously challenging time. For some people, adding multiple sclerosis (MS) into the equation can cause a worsening of pre-existing symptoms, known as a pseudo-flare or a pseudo-exacerbation.