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Making the Overcoming MS diet family friendly

The Overcoming MS Program serves as a beacon of hope, providing evidence-backed strategies to make impactful changes to our diet and lifestyle for better health outcomes. However, transforming our dietary habits can be challenging, especially when catering for a family. Nutritional therapist and community member, Jenna Cox, shares her tips on how to make the Overcoming MS diet family-friendly.

The UK Pop-Up Circles Tour 2024

Following the huge success of our 2023 UK tour where we connected with so many people in our incredible community, we are excited to announce our 2024 UK tour where we will be stopping in Manchester, London, Belfast and Hampshire. 

Celebrating Professor George Jelinek's 70th Birthday

On Wednesday 21 February, Professor George Jelinek will be turning 70! To honour this significant milestone we look back at the legacy he has created and share how he is marking the occasion.

2024 health goals: Transition to the Overcoming MS diet

The new year is a great time to revisit our health goals for the next 12 months. When it comes to making significant changes, especially around our diets, the initial excitement can quickly collide with the reality of fridge clean-outs, meal-planning woes, and the nagging question 'but what will I eat instead?' Nutritional therapist and community member, Jenna Cox, shares her tips on how to transition to the Overcoming MS Diet.

Overcoming MS welcomes three more new Trustees and continues...

Appointees bring valuable and diverse range of perspectives, experiences, thinking styles and skills to further strengthen the charity’s support for the MS community.

Your favourite recipes in 2023

A huge thanks to everyone who has shared their delicious recipes with us this year! Take a look through the most popular recipes of 2023.

Most popular podcast episodes of 2023

In 2023, we released our fifth season of the 'Living Well with MS' podcast. We really enjoyed talking to a range of guests, from MS experts to community members about living well with MS. Get inspired and listen back to the most popular podcasts this year.

Cultivating Hope in Challenging Circumstances

Mindfulness teacher and community member, Melanie Lown shares how a shift in perspective can help to foster hope and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances.

Overcoming MS announces Emeritus Board

Overcoming MS, the world’s leading multiple sclerosis healthy lifestyle charity, announces the appointment of its first Emeritus Directors.

6 Months to Overcoming MS

Are you looking to live a healthier, fuller life in 2024? Do you want to feel more confident with the Overcoming MS Program? Whether you’re brand new to Overcoming MS or you’re already adopting parts of the Program, we have the perfect way to kick start your year in a healthy, positive way.

HeartMath and MS

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of HeartMath techniques for people living with MS and how these methods can provide a path to better stress management and improved quality of life. This has been written by facilitator, Yasmin Neves, who has MS and follows the Overcoming MS Program.

Reflecting on a Successful Year: 2023 Webinars

As we bid farewell to 2023, we wanted to reflect on the incredible webinars delivered throughout the year.

How to navigate social occasions during the festive season

The festive season is often a time of social gatherings and spending time with loved ones. A bit of planning in advance can ease concerns about following the Overcoming MS Program whilst still being able to embrace the spirit of celebration. Nutritional therapist and community member, Jenna Cox, shares her top tips on how to navigate social occasions during the festive season.

The seven pillars of the Overcoming MS Program

Do you know the seven pillars that make up the Overcoming MS Program? If you’re new to the Program, you can read more about the pillars here!

Ten top tips to manage the cost of living while eating well ...

In today's world, navigating the cost of living can often feel like treading through uncertain waters. Nutritional Therapist, Sam Josephs, has put together some useful tips for managing the cost of living while eating well for MS.

Finding Balance: The Intersection of Mental Health and Physi...

PMAC, an organisation made up of mental health and wellbeing professionals, have written an insightful blog on the importance of mental and physical wellbeing for people living with MS.

2023 Thanksgiving or Celebration Menu

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, togetherness, and, of course, food. While a traditional Thanksgiving menu may not always be Overcoming MS compliant, we've put together a menu so there's no reason you can't enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal with your friends and family, whilst sticking to the Overcoming MS Diet.

“It’s how you bounce back that is key” – Aneela McKenna

Partners play a crucial role in the lives of people with MS. We spoke to Aneela McKenna, who is featured in the moving film 'MS Makes Me', to find out more about how she supports her partner Andy while also looking after her own mental wellbeing.

“I want to remind people with MS to hold onto their passions...

We spoke to Andy McKenna, creator of the powerful new film 'MS Makes Me', about his time with Dr Jonathan White during filming, what helps him to maintain a positive mindset and his advice for people new to the Overcoming MS Program.

“Knowing how good I feel after exercise keeps me active each...

We recently spoke with Overcoming MS community member, Jason, about how he stays motivated to exercise, his tips for starting out on the Overcoming MS Program and how to lead a more active lifestyle.

New HOLISM Study: A long-term high-quality diet reduces the...

Dr Jonathan White discusses new research from the HOLISM Study, that shows a long-term high-quality diet reduces the risk of disability progression!

I am Overcoming MS - Voices of the Community

We are excited to share with you two new inspiring videos as part of our campaign, 'I am Overcoming MS'.
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