Ambassador Questions

  1. What is different about the Live Well Hub compared to Circles Online? 

The Live Well Hub has been trialled by members of the Overcoming MS community, as we wanted to find a platform with the community at the heart of our decision-making. With their feedback and input, we believe that the new platform will generate a positive experience for you and your Circles to participate in discussions, support people on their Overcoming MS journey and give them up-to-date, easy access to content and community.  


  1. How will new members join? 

Members looking to join will find their nearest Circle on the left-hand side toolbar of the Live Well Hub. All Circles are set to private, therefore they would need to request to join. As the Ambassador, you will receive a notification in the Hub for you to accept/reject them. You can also see new members who have requested to join by going into Settings > Members, where you'll see a list of pending requests. You may see an option to view your Circle members' emails, please remember you must adhere to the privacy policy and not use these email addresses for any reason. Check out the Resources tab in the Ambassador Circle, which gives you a video tutorial of how to accept new members. 


  1. Do I have to accept new members straight away, or is there a way for me to find out more about them before accepting? 

At first, while everyone in your existing Circle is moving across to join the Live Well Hub, we recommend accepting members straight away, so they don't feel like they're having to re-apply to the Circle. It's important everyone has a smooth and enjoyable transition over to the new platform.

After this initial period, it is your choice as the Ambassador as to whether or not you accept new members straight away or not. If you want to find out more about them before accepting, we have worked with a group of Ambassadors to create a Circle Member screening template. This optional template can be downloaded and personalised, and will allow you to explain to anyone looking to join your Circle how the group runs, sets expectations for joining and gives you the chance, as the Ambassador, to understand who you are accepting into the Circle. We recommend you send your version of this template to the person requesting to join via a private message, and give them up to two weeks to respond. If there is no response after this time, you can then reject their request to join your Circle. This template can be found in the Resources tab of the Ambassador Circle.  


  1. What will happen to our previous Circle space on the Circles Online platform? 

The Circles Online platform will remain open for a limited period of time after the Live Well Hub has launched, giving you the time to save and move over any content you would like onto the new platform, as well as still being to connect with members of your Circle who may need a longer period of time to transition to the new platform. We will ensure that you are aware in advance of the closing of the Circles Online platform. Please continue to accept member requests for Circles Online, and make sure you have a post in your Circle on Circles Online telling people to join the Live Well Hub as the new space for connecting with each other.


  1. What if my Circle members don’t join straight away? 

If members don’t join your Circle straight away, it could be for various reasons. We know that some may not be as open to change as others, and also some might take longer to get used to idea of a new platform. They may be busy or have other commitments so it’s important to remember that people have different schedules and priorities. Overcoming MS will send reminders to members who have not joined the Live Well Hub to encourage them to join. As an Ambassador, we do suggest encouraging your members regularly to join and also explain to them about the exciting app features such as being able to check upcoming events, joining monthly livestreams with Dr Jonathan White and getting access to exclusive content with everyone in the Overcoming MS community.  


  1. How will the charity support me if my Circle members don’t want to join?

We are here to help as much as possible to encourage your members to join.

If someone is having technical difficulties that are preventing them from joining, you or the Circle member can visit the Mighty Networks help centre (the platform which the Live Well Hub is powered by) which can provide answers to some common questions: You can also email for help with any technical difficulties.


  1. How do I edit my Circle details, create an event etc?

To find out how to manage your Circle and where you can update details or create events, go to the Resources tab in the Ambassador Circle, where you'll find video and written guidelines to help you.


For all community FAQs including support, Circles, privacy and other general questions, please visit the General Live Well Hub FAQs here:

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