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Andrea’s Story of Hope

Andrea from the UK has been following OMS since 2013. Her and her husband Rob feel that the Overcoming MS program is something they can embrace together, and find it to be a really positive step forward.

Andrea: “In terms of quality of life I feel the OMS program has been a positive way forward and I feel empowered by it and have a chance to take control of my own health. Whereas, being given MS as a condition felt like the power was taken away.

“It is all-consuming; there’s so much to take on board and I feel you have to chip away at it. So, by reading the book you get a bit of knowledge, by going on a retreat I got a lot more knowledge and got on top of the nutrition and the exercise but now by coming on the reunion I’m now looking at chipping away the meditation part.

“It’s going to take a while to fully embrace but it is possible and it is positive. I feel much more positive and that I have control and can see a way forward. I feel very optimistic and that I’ve got my MS relapses under control and if I stay as I am that’s fantastic.”

Rob: “I feel the OMS program is something we can embrace together and that’s a really positive move for us.”