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Claire’s Story of Hope

Claire from the UK has been following OMS since 2010. Her and her husband Nev are “so happy” that they were introduced to OMS and say it’s changed their lives.

Claire: “My advice to someone newly diagnosed would be to find out as much as they can about MS, to read Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by George Jelinek, find out about the scientific background and get on the program as quickly as possible.

“I’m so happy that I got introduced to OMS when I was given the book five years ago and it’s changed our lives. There were things that we thought we were doing fully by the book but it wasn’t until we went on the retreat that we found there were a few things we weren’t doing quite right, so we’ve changed those and since then it’s been fantastic.

“I feel positive about the future and that I’ve got something to work towards and have a goal in my life now.”

Nev: “I couldn’t emphasise strongly enough − find out about it and just do it [the program], because if you catch it early enough, and take action then some real improvements can be made but it’s something you’ve just got to embrace.”