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Keryn’s Story of Hope

Dr Keryn Taylor from Australia has been following the OMS program since 2005 and now assists as an OMS retreat facilitator at the Gawler Retreats in Victoria.

“I was in the final year of medical school when I was diagnosed and my neurologist told me that I most likely wouldn’t be able to work full-time as a doctor. I had a lot of negative messages at first and was just overcome with fear and had a lot of anxiety about what my future would hold. I lost all my confidence in myself and my health.

“Another challenge in the early days was the medication that I was prescribed and the side-effects from that. For me that was a difficult start. Finding the OMS program really happened by chance, but from the moment that I found and read the book it just made so much sense that this was what I could do.

“It was a huge turning point for me in discovering all the things that I could do for myself to take control and overcome MS.”

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