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Penny’s Story of Hope

Penny from the UK has been an OMSer since 2012.

“I have to say I feel much healthier. I have more energy and I know that it [the OMS program] is doing me good because people say to me that I look much better and much healthier. It also affects my mindset. I feel now I’m not going to let myself be restricted. I’ll walk further, ride a bike, go swimming and do all the things I used to do and not really think about it.

“I’ve broken out of my chains − that’s how it feels. I think my advice to someone newly diagnosed would be that it’s a really tough time and feels really frightening. You feel that you’re all alone but actually you’re not. There’s a global community that’s growing out there and we’re all in it together and we all need each other to keep moving forward. We can help each other and stick with the program.”