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Richard’s Story of Hope

UK OMSer Richard shares the benefits he has experienced following the OMS Program.

“I suppose like most people who have been newly diagnosed, I didn’t really know what to do about it because one doesn’t get any help from conventional medical sources as a general rule, and having progressive MS, there was no drug treatment so it was really a matter of going away and getting on with it myself…”

“Having found the OMS Program, I had something I could take control of myself and put it into effect. Fairly quickly – within a few months – the first thing I noticed was the fatigue that I was experiencing stopped. It was the first improvement I had.”

“In the last two years, things have definitely stabilized. The physical deterioration has stabilized. I think my physical endurance has improved. I can walk further. I do get tired and my leg does give out if I walk too far and so on, but generally speaking, it is much better than it was.”

“What I am looking for in the OMS Program is to at least stop the decline, because life is perfectly manageable for me as it is and if it doesn’t get any worse, I can live with it. It does look as though it is at a level of continuity now which has offered me hope.”