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World MS Day 2023

A day to celebrate global solidarity and hope for the future for the MS community, on 30 May 2023

Celebrate World MS Day with Overcoming MS

Join the worldwide campaign and help us make a difference to people living with MS.

As a global MS charity, World MS Day, taking place on Tuesday 30 May 2023, is a key date in our calendar. It brings the global MS community together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with everyone affected by multiple sclerosis. Find out how to get involved below, and help us spread awareness of multiple sclerosis across the globe.

This year’s theme: Connections

We want to shine a spotlight on connections and why it is so important in the MS community to feel connected and have a strong support network. This World MS Day, we’re joining charities all over the world to share stories of connection using #MSConnections.

Whether it’s a special friend or family member who’s been a big support to you, someone you’ve met through the MS community, or a healthcare professional you’ve connected with through your MS journey, we’d love to hear about the important connections that make life with MS that little bit easier.

Let us know by sending your story to [email protected].

World MS Day 2023 #MSConnections

How to get involved with World MS Day

This year, we’re supporting you to connect with your Circle (Overcoming MS community groups), friends or family, by hosting an event online or in person. However big or small, we want to encourage you all to bring people together and celebrate important connections!

Our Community Engagement team have come up with some great ideas for events or get togethers, which you can use to plan your own event to mark World MS Day.

Simply download the event ideas list below, decide on what kind of event or meet-up you’d like to plan, and then download the Overcoming MS invitation template to invite your MS connections!

Step 1: Download: World MS Day events ideas

Step 2: Download: World MS Day invitation template

Step 3: Enjoy connecting with like-minded people who are supporting you on your journey with MS! Don’t forget to share your photos, tag Overcoming MS and use the hashtag #MSConnections.

Help us support more people around the globe

Your donation means we can reach more people with MS. 

By sharing the Overcoming MS Program, and supporting people with resources, guidance and advice, we can help more people to live a full and healthy life with MS.

With your help, we can grow our community of positive, like-minded people living with MS who want to take control and make sustainable lifestyle changes. Donate via Justgiving today by clicking the link below, and thank you for supporting Overcoming MS.

How your support will help us reach more people living with MS

Your gift means that we can reach more people living with MS through our Pathway to Overcoming MS project.  Pathway is an exciting series of interactive sessions delivered by a team of facilitators with lived-experience of MS.  It offers a safe space for people with MS to gain an in-depth understanding of the background to the program, and how it can help people to live well with MS through following the Overcoming MS program. 

“This course has given me so much information, it’s given me hope. It’s the first time I’ve actually spoken to or seen anybody else with MS other than medical professionals.  It’s given me confidence that actually I can do things myself as well will help manage some of the symptoms and some of the things that I’ve been experiencing”   Pathway Attendee 2023

Connecting through Overcoming MS Circles

Our Circles are at the centre of what we do, so enabling people with MS to form positive connections is important to us. Run by our wonderful Ambassadors, we have 100 groups spread all over the world, as well as a global group for those who don’t have a group near to them.

Stuart, a supporter of the Overcoming MS charity and member of a Circles group, said,

“Overcoming MS has helped me to improve my way of thinking and feeling, maintain my stamina, and find a lot of hope for my future. The diet is the most significant change, and I’m pleased to have discovered many new ingredients and flavours.

“The regional OMS Circle is a supportive and friendly group where we share tips on food, exercise research, films, and there is even a meditation spin off group which has been a revelation to me.

“I’m truly grateful for the emotional support from this group during the downtimes. This charity is a lifesaver.”

Find out more about our Circles here.

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