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Overcoming MS in North America

Find out about Overcoming MS in North America

Group of Circle members in America

The Overcoming MS community in America

Overcoming MS is a global healthy lifestyle non-profit organization giving hope and supporting people with multiple sclerosis. We are registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the US.

We support people to live well with multiple sclerosis (MS) by helping them to make evidence-based lifestyle choices. Significant research points to how holistic self-care, alongside medical therapies, can benefit the physical and mental well-being of people with MS. We want to raise awareness of this and help people make informed choices.

Overcoming MS has a number of community members and supporters in North America. In fact, the largest number of visitors to our website and listeners of our podcast come from America!

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North America Circles

We have Circles, our support groups, around the globe, which are collections of people supporting each other to live well with MS. If you would like to benefit from the support, tips and ideas of others, see if we have a Circle near you or consider joining our global Circle. All our Circles are in the Live Well Hub, our community space which is free to join for everyone!

A number of our Circles are in North America:

In the West:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Orange County, California
  • San Diego, California 
  • Antioch, California
  • Simi Valley California
  • Denver, Colorado

In the Midwest: 

  • Wisconsin
  • Germfask, Michigan
  • In the Northeast
  • Brunswick, Maine
  • Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Manchester, Connecticut 
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

In the South:

  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Louisville, Kentucky

In Canada:

  • Barrie, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Kanata, Ontario
  • West Canada 

We also have a global circle, for anyone without a circle near them.

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The Live Well Hub - the Overcoming MS community app

With a huge support network of like-minded people who want to live well with MS, the Live Well Hub is a place to ask questions, get advice and ideas, help others and stay motivated. Soon we’ll be launching more thematic groups, like our Progressive Circle, so people can connect with others like them to get support and motivation.

Overcoming MS in publications and references

Handbook Editor from Harvard Medical School:

Associate Professor Michelle O’Donoghue, MD, MPH of Harvard Medical School was one of the editors of the 2022 book ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: Roadmap to Good Health’. Professor O’Donoghue lives symptom-free and has followed the Overcoming MS program for over a decade. The handbook is a practical follow-up to Professor George Jelinek’s 2016 book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: The evidence-based 7 step recovery program. Both books provide an excellent and engaging overview of the Overcoming MS Program. Buy your copy here:

References on National Institute of Health:

There are a number of references from the Neuroepidemiology Unit in Melbourne (NEU) – which conducts research into the impact of lifestyle on multiple sclerosis – that can be found on the National Institute of Health website.

A Multiple Sclerosis Lifestyle Behavior Online Course 2022

The feasibility of a web-based educational lifestyle program for people with multiple sclerosis 2022

The feasibility of an online educational lifestyle program for people with multiple sclerosis 2022

Experiences of and attitudes to lifestyle modification for the management of multiple sclerosis 2021

Health outcomes and adherence to a healthy lifestyle after a multimodal intervention in people with multiple sclerosis 2018

Volunteering badge on a person


As a global charity, it is important we have input from our community from around the world. We have a number of volunteers in North America, including members of our Communications Advisory Group.