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Side view of two people running or walking, one person is using hiking poles.

Does your MS cause Heat Intolerance?

Dr Gretchen gives her top tips for heat intolerance.


Dr Gretchen explains that heat intolerance is caused from much more than just the temperature outside! Things like exercising, stress, hot beverages, and hot showers can cause your core temperature to rise, resulting in worsened symptoms!

Dr. Gretchen’s top 2 tips are:

1. Drink small sips of ice-cold water throughout the day.

2. Be proactive.

If you know you’ll be in a situation that may cause overheating, have an ice-cold water bottle with you, wear cooling products in advance, etc!

Dr Gretchen Hawley is a physical therapist and MS specialist. For more exercise videos from Dr Hawley, access her The MSing Link course here.