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Illustration of person meditating with sun and clouds behind them.

A Call To Rest – Recovery Meditation

“I am looking after myself and good things are coming.”

I created this meditation particularly for my community of people with MS. I hope it can be an ally to those who are experiencing a flare, exacerbation or relapse that is guiding them into a resting state, so that they might receive the nourishment of that rest with a sense of responding to an invitation for healing and renewal, rather than some kind of punishment.

The meditation uses the affirmation “I am looking after myself and good things are coming” and is intended as a meditation to lie down with as you surrender to the call to rest and recover.

I know from experience that when we have a flare, we can meet a whole variety of feelings and some of those are challenging ones. I know that especially in my early years with MS, having to take time off to rest – or even lying down for a fatigue-induced nap – felt as though I were opting out of life.  I felt conflicted and often resentful. I worried that I might sleep away my life, fail to achieve all I was capable of or miss out on important experiences in the outside world.

If you have these thoughts and feelings, know that you are not alone.

Alison Potts

Alison Potts has had MS all her adult life and was diagnosed at a time when there were no medical treatments. The journey to discovering optimum self care and thriving has been the best she could have taken. Born in England, she followed the sun for the power of vitamin D and moved to Australia where she is now a Meditation and Vitality Coach. Like her page on Facebook for more information.