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Front cover of Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis: A Book of Stories and Testimonials

Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis: A Book of Stories and Testimonials

Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis is a book that shares real-life stories which show recovery is possible.

About the book

Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis is a book by George Jelinek and Karen Law that shares real-life stories from people who are living a fuller, healthier life with MS.

They talk to 12 people with MS from across the world, from New Zealand to Colombia, who have all seen huge improvements by following the Overcoming MS Program. These interviews cover many types of multiple sclerosis and different stages of progression through the disease, but proves that everyone with MS should have hope that they will go on to live well with MS.

Although there is currently no medical cure for multiple sclerosis, researchers now have a much greater understanding of what causes the disease. This is thought to be a combination of underlying genetic traits and environmental factors, such as a diet high in saturated fat and low levels of vitamin D. With this knowledge we are confident it is possible to significantly improve your quality of life by making long-term lifestyle changes to your diet, levels of exercise, vitamin D and more.

George Jelinek is the author of Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: The evidence-based 7 step recovery program. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999 but is now symptom free. 

Karen Law is a journalist who is herself recovering from MS.

Dr Terry Wahls, MD, and author of Minding My Mitochondria, called it a “must read”, saying, “It is all about the lifestyle choices we make every day.”

Where can I find the book?

Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis is available from Amazon in the United StatesUnited Kingdom and Australia.

Reviews of ‘Recovering From Multiple Sclerosis’

“I could not put down the book as it is so close to my heart (overcoming MS myself). I felt like I had something in common with all of the twelve persons’ stories in this book. “Having taken the journey myself is the best thing I’ve done since I was diagnosed. It has given me a sense of control. This book is a true inspiration for people to take it on.”Marijke Visser

“An inspiring series of life experiences and family stories of hope and achievement. The stories are well researched and accompanied by a summary of the program of healthy living that can lead to recovery from multiple sclerosis.”Dr Virginia Billson