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Brett Drummond

ECTRIMS / ACTRIMS 2023 – Insight into the latest MS research

Brett Drummond from MStranslate will be presenting his key highlights from the recent ECTRIMS / ACTRIMS 2023 conference, the worlds largest research meeting on multiple sclerosis, attended by over 9000 people across 110 countries.

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Webinar summary:

Brett will be presenting his highlights from the 3-day event and be joined in the latter part of the webinar by Alex Holden, CEO of Overcoming MS who was also in attendance to discuss their experiences.

Key highlights:

01:42 MS research and conference highlights. 

11:16 Genetics and EBV research.

17:00 EBV link to MS diagnosis and potential vaccine development.

23:30 Early MS diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

28:57 Managing MS through lifestyle modifications and peer support.

31:17 MS disease course and potential treatments.

37:01 ECTRIMS conference insights.

43:33 New MS treatment and COVID-19 impact.

47:44 MS triggers, global perspectives and trial results.

56:49 MS treatment options and patient perspectives.

01:12:22 MS treatments and research advancements.

Speaker bios:

Brett Drummond

Brett has more than 15 years experience in MS research, having pursued graduate and post-graduate studies as a laboratory scientist at the University of Melbourne.  MStranslate was developed as a result of Brett’s desire to continue contributing to the MS community beyond his work as a scientist. 

His knowledge of MS and his talent for science communication has been recognised worldwide.  Since 2022, this recognition has included his appointment as host of the official European Committee for Treatment and Research In Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) podcast series.

Alex Holden

Alex joined the Overcoming MS charity as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2023.

She has over 20 years’ experience across the voluntary and corporate sector, previously as Deputy CEO at Target Ovarian Cancer. Alex has worked in the UK, Scandinavia and Australia for organisations as diverse as Mencap, Bupa, Virgin Media, Westpac Bank and GE. She has also held voluntary roles as a trustee for the Twins Trust, a member of NCT’s Voluntary Income Advisory Group, and is currently a trustee for Hitchin Girls’ School in the UK.

The transcript for this episode will be available soon.

This webinar was recorded on the 5th December 2023 as part of our Finding Hope with Overcoming MS – Webinar series – Season 4.