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S1E1 Overcoming MS is possible with Professor George Jelinek

Episode 1: Overcoming MS is possible!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Living Well with MS podcast. In this podcast, we are going to take a journey together to explore how extensive scientific research is illuminating new ways to help people with MS live better and healthier lives through changes made to their diets and lifestyles. This evidence-based approach to MS management is reflected in the Overcoming MS Program.

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In this episode, we speak with Professor George Jelinek, the founder of the Overcoming MS Program. You can learn more about his illustrious medical and scientific research career here. We talk about Professor Jelinek’s incredible journey, from losing his mother to MS to his own diagnosis to discovering the science behind recovering from MS, and how he shaped his pioneering work to help people with MS all over the world live healthier lives. We ask Professor Jelinek some key questions to gain his insights on Overcoming MS:

  • Why did you step down as Head of the Neuroepidemiology Unit at the University of Melbourne, and what will you be doing next?
  • Can you give us an overview of the Overcoming MS program?
  • Is Overcoming MS essentially just a diet?
  • Meditation is part of the Overcoming MS Program, but it doesn’t sound very scientific. Is there any science behind it?
  • Most other MS protocols outside of health services tell you not to medicate, but Overcoming MS doesn’t; why is that?
  • Do you think lifestyle factors will enter into the mainstream treatment?
  • Any prevention tips for people with MS who have children?

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